Our Team

Holy Cross is a presbyterian church. That means literally that it is elder led. We are a church that is led by two offices, elders and deacons. Elders are men elected from the congregation to govern and spiritually nurture the members of the church. Deacons are men elected to serve the congregation in mercy and care. Pastors are elders called to serve the church in preaching, teaching, and leading in a vocational way. 


  • Rick Gilmartin


    Rick is the Lead Pastor and Planter of Holy Cross. He is husband to Jessie, father to Madi, Becca, Andrew, and Luke, faithful follower of a bad Football Team, sometime musician, and a hopeless optimist in the power of the Gospel to change everything.

  • Kent Woodrow


    Kent is our Next Generation pastor, responsible for nearly half of our congregation. He is husband to Anna, father to Melody and Summer, a lover of rare board games, passionate to see kids embrace and grow in their Savior, and the least likely African you'll ever meet.


Jason McCall

Daniel Hancock

Abe Halterman

Jason Bailey

Jerry Seager